La Sauna Caliente

Kunsthaus Bregenz Projekte, Austria
Curated by Eva Birkenstock
22 October 2016 - 15 January 2017

La Sauna Caliente, a site-specific installation in the former KUB Collection Showcase, is​ ​an immersive recreation of a spa-like scenario in which Calero references those typical of​ ​the regional landscape of Vorarlberg as a site for sports, body- and wellness culture.​ ​In La Sauna Caliente we find ourselves invited to take part in the ritual of such spaces: the​ ​robes, the slippers, the warm light, the changing rooms, the lounge chairs, they all provide​ ​the necessary déco to let the relaxation soak in, while watching and experiencing the series of contributions from Blunt x Skensved, Conglomerate, Rubén D'hers, Trevor Good,​ ​Cristian Guardia, Hanne Lippard, Dafna Maimon, and Érika Ordosgoitti, revolving around​ ​the constructed notions of the body, self-image and daily nature.

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