Indice Ultraviolet: Décalage vers le rouge
Co-curation: Colin Raynal

CAN Centre d’art Neuchâtel,
26 June – 08 August, 2021

“Severed Heads Can’t Sing” is the debut single from Early Labyrinth’s album “Do You Want To Be Part of the Crime or Part of the Punishment?”. The accompanying video was co-directed with artist Sol Calero and filmed during a collaborative residency at the Centre d’art Neuchâtel, Switzerland where sets, props and costumes were built within the exhibition space over several weeks and presented in "Indice Ultraviolet: Décalage vers le rouge" during the summer of 2021. While both the video and song feature an inviting and playful aesthetic, the subject matter offers a counterbalance, detailing a chaotic set of consequences for the arrogant upper crust of investors, weapons dealers, colonialists, fake philanthropists and the otherwise powerful at the hands of a fed up mass.

Music Video