Casa encontrada

Galleria Francesca Minini, Milan
21 March 2023 - 06 May 2023

While the tiles of mosaic emerge up out from the floor, a structure that recalls that of a house without windows or frames invites the guests to step forwards. Beyond the threshold, the imposing paintings completely covering the walls of the gallery transform the second half of the first room into a forgotten loggia. Columns join together at the top, and, by forming arches, become an element of access to the view of the external world, as natural frames.

Sol Calero digs then into the background of the gallery, almost turning it into an archaeological site. But the title, Casa encontrada (found home), seems to suggest more a meeting than a discovery. And the meeting expresses in the best way possible the sense of egalitarian convergence between two entities, two forces, which come together and linger voluntarily. The intention of discovering, on the contrary, alludes to a way of acting that has less to do with exchange and reciprocity: of the two entities that come into contact, only one is active, and it exercises a force vis-à-vis the other that is objectified in order to be understood.

Read more. Text by Francesco Scalas.

Photos by Andrea Rossetti.