Oficina del Ciudadano

Gallerie Wedding, Berlin
20 November 2015 - 16 January 2016

In the exhibition Sol Calero lends Latin American interior style and radical hospitality to the ›Bürgerberatung‹ reenactment, and extends her intervention by adorning the ›Rathaus Wedding Kantine‹ downstairs with Caribbean Christmas decorations. The two spaces offer the residents of Wedding a warm and welcoming place in the winter. The exhibition space is transformed into something it was before, yet it is also turned into something ›foreign‹ to the host-culture. Who feels at home and who feels estranged in this office with no clear administrative facilities, no clear purpose apart from the hosting or in the cantina with unusual Christmas decorations. Can we imagine an Oficina Del Ciudadano that is a ›Bürgerberatung‹, which also is a ›Vatandaş Ofisi‹, an ›Ofisi Citizen as well as a ›Citizens’ Advice Bureau‹, a ›المواطنين مادة ›or a ›Biuro Porad Obywatelskich‹?

Text by Solvej Helweg Ovesen.

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Poster designs and birds by Trevor Good