Milagritos y Frutas

Galerie Crèvecœur, Paris, France
13 October — 20 December 2018

For this show, Calero combines elements of two recent bodies of work that draw a trajectory from her pictorial language to the object-like dimension of her practice.

These new paintings range from a palette of all bright, clean and lively colors to an array of ambiguous shades of brown which started to appear in her palette from her exhibition Tente en el aire.

The first series of Milagritos were shown at the exhibition Pica Pica . Milagritos are a series of objects that recreate the homonymous common practice of living religious syncretism in contemporary Latin America under the appearance of innocuous folklore. These objects fill chapels and altars, are sold and carried by people as symbols of their wishes.

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Photos by Aurélien Mole