CONGLOMERATE is a collaborative Gesamtkunstwerk presented in the form of a television network. The project is realized by a core team of five artists and filmmakers:

Sol Calero, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Derek Howard, Christopher Kline and Dafna Maimon.

CONGLOMERATE acts as a producer of original programs, also inviting additional Berlin-based and international artists to realize their own segments, sets, commercials and specials for the network. Mixing diverse content ranging from melodrama, documentary, comedy, interview, music, and art into a unified body, new 30-minute Blocks composed of recurring shows and one-off segments are broadcast on the web, with new Blocks and Specials released throughout the year.

Headquartered at the Berlin project space Kinderhook & Caracas, CONGLOMERATE will comprise their entire 2016 program.

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Funded in part by the Berlin Senatskanzlei